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Curaçao Cleanup 2017, we’re in!

Curaçao Cleanup 2017 will take place on Saturday September 16th. Also this year Scubaçao will participate in this important annual event. Just like last year we will be diving at Fishermans wharf. A wonderful dive site that unfortunately has been invested with fishing line. Some of it is fresh/new, some of it seems like if it’s already been there for years. It’s going to be our mission to remove everything this weekend at Curaçao Cleanup 2017

Curaçao Cleanup 2016

Curaçao Cleanup 2017: Where will we meet

We will gather at our dive shop at the Nijmegenstraat 41 at 10:00. There we will collect the dive gear, tanks and weights and together we’ll move to the dive site, located right behind the former desalnation plant between Ottrabanda and Piscadera. If people don’t mind hewlping us with transportating a couple of divers would be great. We aim to enter the water latest at 11:30. After the dive we will drive straight back to the dive shop where we will have cold beers waiting at happy hour prices and if enough people feel like it we’d love to organize a barbecue.

We have approximately 10 sets of rental gear available at the severely discounted price of 25 ANG per person. Tanks are sponsored by us so if you have your own set of dive gear please let us know and join us for free.

BRING SCISSORS!! We don’t have enough scissors available for all participants so please bring one or more pairs of scissors! Knifes are not the best tools to remove fishing line unless they are properly sharp.

Please get back to us ASAP if you’d like to join. Also we’d like to know if you’re in need of dive gear and if so we’d like to know your shoe sizes, height and weight. Last, if you feel like having a little bbq feast afterwards we’d like to know as well. As described, with enough participants we’d be happy to organize something.