Dive Gear

Gear is an important aspect of diving! Divers have to rely on their equipment without compromise. Having a reliable source to rent gear is step one towards diving safely.

Scubacao is proud to offer well serviced equipment, comfortable, reliable and easy to use!


Regulators:  Scubapro Mk2 evo with R095 Second Stage and alternate airsource

BCD’s: Tusa Liberator Sigma II

Wetsuits: Waterproof W30 2,5mm shorty (male & female sizes)

Masks: Tusa Liberator/Standard rental

Fins: Tusa Liberator

Computers: Suunto Zoop/Zoop novo





Next to the regular recreational equipment we offer a range of technical diving equipment including but not limited to DIN regulators, DIN tanks (left and right handed valves), stage tanks, lift bags, technical computers and instruments.