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Introduction dive with Kyle, Esha and the other Kyle and Jenny

Last week Anton organized an introduction for these two awesome couples. They were staying at the Bluebay resort so it was little drive for them to make it to the Scubaçao headquarters. Anton started with a brief introduction and showed them the obliged risk awareness video. With a cup of coffee and a jug of cold water he started the actual the dive briefing. Usually Anton’s briefing takes around 45 minutes but depending on the laughs, he might throw in another joke or two.

After the briefing it was time to jump in the car and drive off to Marie Pampoen. Not always but usually we make out introduction dives at this dive site. The little pittoresque bay is a perfect station to practise. It’s shallow and has a sandy bottom and doesn’t host any scary sea creatures. Other good places for an introduction dive are Tugboat or Directors bay.

For the introduction dive there are four exercises that everybody has to be able t o perform. The first three are all about clearing the regulator. Imagine someone kicks you accidentally in the face and your air source falls out of your mouth?! Easy, just grab it, put it back and clear it. The last exercise is the mask clearing. This one can be a llittle tricky. Imagine that after a stressfull first couple of minutes you finally getting got used to breathing under water. Then you instructor asks you to  fill up your mask with water. WHAT?! But it is an omportant skill. Why?? Because masks will always leak. Always. It does’t matter if you shaved this morning or waxed your chin. Cheap masks leak, expensive masks leak. Leakfree masks don’t exist. It’s nice to have a mask that fits you well and that you feel comfortable with. But it’s important to be able to clear your mask.

Kyle, Kyle2, Jenny and Esha performed like real professionals on their dive.

Anyway, after the skills it’s finally time to actually dive. Your dive will go no deeper than 12 meters/40 feet. There is no obligation to go this deep though, If you feel comfortable at 6m/18ft that is fine with us too. On average an introduction dive lasts about 45 minutes howeverit depends on how deep we are (diving deeper costs more air), how calm you and your buddy are (nervous divers tend to breathe faster) and how fast you swim (swim fast, burn loats of air).

If everyone comes back smiling, thre results should be somewhat like the video below. Enjoy watching!



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