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Sidemount Diving

PADI_ver_col_webSidemount is a Scuba Equipment configuration which has diving cylinders along side the diver, carried below the shoulders and along the hips.

It offers a few amazing advantages compared to the classic back mounted configuration, it reduces lower back strain and allows the diver to put the cylinders on in the water where buoyancy makes everything nearly weightless.

Next to the ergonomic advantages it also offers complete redundancy if two cylinders are used for a single diver. Two completely independent regulators and gas supplies almost eliminate the chances for equipment failure to result in serious problems.

In recent years Sidemount evolved from a technique used only by advanced technical and cave divers to a popular configuration for recreational divers alike.

Especially divers using “Enriched air Nitrox” or people looking to dive beyond 30 meters/90 feet towards to outer limits of recreational diving. A Sidemount configuration also meets requirements for the “Self-Reliant Diver Specialty” to provide a redundant system in which solo diving is possible. It also looks incredibly cool 😉Sidemount2

sidemount1PADI Sidemount Course

The first dive of the Sidemount specialty can credit towards your Advanced Open Water certification or be included in the last dive of the Open Water Course.


Open Water Diver or equivalent










This specialty course, including three dives, equipment, fresh drinking water and certification costs $315,00 or 550,00 nafl. As always we provide free pick up at your location.




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